The product name is called “Towelie”

WellGro United and USA innovators(E-innovate, a startup company based out of Tx, USA) jointly collaborate the first of its kind “Make-in India,” Biodegradable oil Sorbent Mat/Wipe product has been successfully launched for Indian Market, under the direction of Professor Seshadri Ramkumar of Texas Tech University, USA.

Advantage of using “Towelie” Biodegradable Oil Sorbent:
a) Absorbs more than synthetic competitors
b) Competitively priced against synthetics
c) Biodegradable sorbent technology
d) Extremely durable
e) Naturally Hydrophobic
f) Contains no micro-plastics
g) Able to incinerate after use to reduce waste

Dr.Ram says the collabration will design and launch more of its kind 100% biodegradable Boom, Rolls and different sizes of Sorbent Mat/Wipe in coming months.

The product has been launched in USA by E-innovate . It was a huge success in Permian Basin, USA.Please read out the US Launch article.

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