Sustainable Oil Absorbent

Sustainable Oil Absorbent- A Major INDO-US Collaboration Fuition. The IP conceived in our laboratory at Texas Tech University, that showcases USA-INDO collaboration proved its superiority during an on site excercise on November 29, 2019 in a oil storage port terminal in Vadinar, sea port area in Gujarat, India. Indian collabarotors, used sustainable “Towelie, ” wipe and separated CRUDE OIL from salt water. The port terminal is a collaborative venture between India and a middle east entity. Pleasing to see our idea translate into a product that has multiple applications. This shows functionality and cost play a part. Thanks to all those who stood with me in the past five years to make this commercial success. A conventional textile industry partnered to make an industrial product; way to go. Video of the demo attached. Respectfully, Seshadri Ramkumar, Professor, Nonwovens and Advanced Cotton Laboratoty, Texas Tech University, USA

Date : 02/12/2019.