Oil Absorbent Mats & Rolls

Oil Absorbent Mats & Rolls

In today’s environmentally aware world, the Control, Containment & clean Up of Chemical, oil and fuel spills on water & land is an essential part of a company’s compliance.

Spill Type

Absorbs oil, fuel, diesel, petrol & other hydrocarbons


Everyday spills or wiping down equipment – effective on land & water

Absorbent Type

Meltblown cotton – absorbs up to 20 times its own weight in oil Maintenance…

  • Great for bilge & floor mop up in ships, boats, naval & service vessels, oil rigs and floating platforms.
  • Ideal for mine site & maintenance workshops, factory & warehouse floors, fuel & oil handling facilities and vehicle repair shops.
  • Made from Biosorb cotton with exceptional oil/fuel absorbency – able to recover up to 20x its own weight in oil.
  • Excellent water repellent characteristics (hydrophobic) – use in the rain or float on water to absorb oil & fuel only. ` High absorbency to weight ratio = lower transport & disposal costs. Non allergenic, non hazardous with no dust.
  • Fast absorption allows quick clean up, reduces potential slip hazards and improves safety in the workplace.
  • Choice of size, style & weight – standard, medium & heavy duty. ` Simple to use without the need for specialized training.
MAT 11” X 12” 10 45grms
MAT 29” x 58” 10 573grms
MAT 58” x 58” 10 1147grms

Note : The size is customizable as per customer requirement