Welcome To WellGro United

WellGro United, a Chennai, India based multinational company is an environment solutions provider founded by innovators. WellGro United products are such as biodegradable oil absorbents pads, boom, pillow and powder. Since microplastics and marine pollution have been gaining global attention, WellGro United use this opportunity and provide solutions to tackle oil spills and micro plastic contamination.

These products protect not only the environment but also to ensure greener earth, saving marine livelihood and value to human innovations.
Dr. Ram, a senior Professor from TexasTech University, USA is a technical advisor and adding values to our products. Dr.Ram helps us to design products which are more human values and greener environment.

We have worldwide collaboration and distribution network which helps to move our products quickly and helps in protecting contaminations during emergency,

WellGro United have also launched absorbent powders for international markets. We are also into supply of environmentally friendly fibres such as cotton, processed cotton and bleached cotton to the global manufacturing sectors and hygiene markets.


Our Products

Oil Absorbent Mats

Sustainable Absorbent Pads and Mats are devoid of Plastics and can be reused multiple times

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Oil Absorbent Rolls

The Absorbent Rolls are popular products which come as environmental friendly products.

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Spill Containment Booms

We developed Spill Containment Booms varied forms of 95% and 100% biodegradable

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